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About Us

America’s Freedmen were supposed to be Freemen entitled to all of the personal, political and civil rights granted to this country’s citizens. Yet, America repeatedly denied its Freedmen the full scope of these benefits conferred with citizenship, including equal access to participate in economic opportunities.  The Freeman Initiative was conceived in the wake of an increasing number of fatal racial injustice incidents involving Black Americans in the United States and growing awareness of how systemic racism perpetuates generational oppression and poverty within this group of people. Whether we are talking about the racial wealth gap, government surveillance, and profiling, incarceration, housing discrimination, property evaluation, voting suppression, employment, healthcare, drug arrests, immigration policies enforcement, or environmental planning and pollution, systemic racism plays a part in nearly every aspect of Black life in America. Social justice movements and increasing advocacy for fairness and equal treatment have never been needed more…

Our Mission

The Freeman Initiative’s primary mission is to help dismantle institutions and systems that perpetuate race-based oppression and poverty. We provide training, programs, and toolkits designed to foster transformative social changes in America. The Freeman Initiative also provides support to organizations, programs, initiatives, and individuals working to secure the political, educational, environmental, social, and economic rights and redress of Black people and to eliminate race-based discrimination. Activate your membership or donate now to help disrupt inequalities in America and create a real equal opportunity society.

Our Vision

The Freeman Initiative envisions a fair and inclusive society that not only understands disparities and why they exist but is committed to implementing transformative solutions that impact multiple systems for equitable outcomes. We also envision reparations and another redress for  descendants of American chattel slavery.

Our Programs

The Freeman Initiative focuses on programs and activities designed to educate the public and foster equitable systemic changes on issues of civil rights, health disparities, discrimination, generational oppression, poverty and economic redress including reparations. You can participate right now by helping us build power at the grassroots level to accelerate legislative reform nationally for real social transformations in racial justice.

Our partners

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Buy official Freeman Initiative merchandise here. Every purchase you make supports Freeman Initiative’s educational programs and helps increase our engagement with people across the country. Your purchase also helps us provide the resources and tools that today’s grassroots activists and organizers need.

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Every human, apart from their color, religion, and culture, deserves equal rights and opportunities. But we see how our society is working with the belief that race is a fundamental determinant of capacities and human traits and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Racial discrimination leads to generations; it leaves negative effects on health, economic opportunity, wealth accumulation for a particular group. Families/Individuals that encounter racism lives under poor health, mental & financial conditions, which limits their abilities to provide a better future for their coming generation. Freeman Initiative is on a mission to break this cycle of racism for a free future from injustice!